My name is Molly and LewdaFit is more than just a brand, it’s a vision.

During your health and fitness journey, I want you to have the best experience becoming the best version of you. That means workouts you enjoy, but more importantly, improve your strength and quality of life without keeping you in the gym for hours. As well, I employ a flexible approach to nutrition, allowing you to still enjoy foods that you love, in moderation and in balance with the healthy foods you need. For too long, “fitness” has been associated with 0% body fat, rock hard abs, and boiled chicken and asparagus all day. If that is your goal, awesome. It’ll take hard work, but I’ll get you there. However, that isn’t everyone’s goal, and that goal tends to intimidate the majority, who think there’s no other option. Well, that stops here.

Fitness isn’t one size fits all. Health isn’t one size fits all.

Health can be categorized by so much more than just your body fat percentage. Another goal here at LewdaFit is to change your mindset regarding health and fitness. This isn’t just a temporary diet, but a complete lifestyle change. Physical health and mental health go hand in hand, and when one flourishes, the other tends to follow. LewdaFit is here to educate you on all things health and wellness, while also helping to instill habits to improve your function and quality of life.

Health is individualized. At LewdaFit, I’ll be sure to get you to the best version of you, both mentally and physically, in a way that you enjoy, and a way that you can sustain.