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The New LewdaFit

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new LewdaFit! (The newdafit? newdalewdafit?) Some of you may be seeing the word “lewdafit” for the first time, some of you may remember the old site, and some of you may just know me but not my brand. However it was you came to find me and LewdaFit, welcome.

Of course there’s an about me page on the site, but I wanted to introduce myself, and tell you all more about myself and my vision. My name is Molly and I’m the owner of LewdaFit, a fitness and health brand. I’ve been a personal trainer for four years, but have worked in and been a part of the fitness industry for almost eight years now. I love this lifestyle, it truly is my passion. I constantly am amazed by how different training styles can elicit different results, and how the simplest of changes can make all the difference. I’ve done it all in my training because I love to challenge myself. Not only that, but I want to be the best athlete I can be so I can translate knowledge to any client, with any goal. I’ve been out of shape, I’ve been a competitive body builder, I’ve run half marathons, I’ve worked with DI athletes, I’ve been injured, and I’ve reworked my goals enough over the years to feel like I’ve started over. Throughout my time and experiences, I have seen the good and the bad of this industry, and it has really shaped where I wanted my own company and brand to go.

With LewdaFit, I want to redefine fitness. What does that mean though? Many people associate being fit with having either really big muscles, very low body fat, and, most importantly, a sad life of eating boring food and living in the gym. I’m here to show you that that isn’t what it takes to be fit. There isn’t a “one size fits all” for fit, it’s very individualized. Maybe you want to have huge muscles and low body fat, which is a great goal, but takes a lot of work and commitment. Maybe, for you, it isn’t about how you look, but how you feel, which is great, you need to put your health first. Maybe it’s about getting off a medication, or keeping up with your kids, or trying to lessen your back pain or knee pain. Whatever your goal is, that’s your fit. How you get to your goals is no different, there’s no one ideal way. There are a few solid principles we need to follow, such as nutrition, resistance training, and recovery techniques, but there’s not set rules on the way we utilize those principles.

I have my way, but more so, I want to combine it with your way because ultimately it’s your life. Between my knowledge, and my desire for you to enjoy the process of becoming the best version of you, together we can build a sustainable lifestyle.

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