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Taking the LewdaLeap

For almost the entirety of my fitness career, I’ve been at one place. For five years, I was in the same company, doing the same thing, and keeping myself comfortable. I grew as a fitness professional at this company, and went through countless ups and downs. However, almost exactly five years after beginning my career, I decided enough was enough and left. Leaving my comfortable job and deciding to start my own training business is something I’ve dreamed of, something that was always the goal but something I never pursued. I know, i know. Why? Why, if this was always the dream, have I not pursued it? The short answer: I was scared. I was scared to get uncomfortable. So what changed?

I did.

As I grew in this industry, and as an adult, I got stronger. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I mean from 20-25 is a big difference, I’d hope I’d grow up a bit, but as I grew in this industry, I began to gain a clearer idea of what I wanted from my career. I wasn’t aiming to just be a trainer. Anyone who can study for maybe a month can pass an exam to become a personal trainer. I wanted to set myself apart as a fitness professional, and now a certified strength and conditioning coach, on top of being “just a trainer”. The problem with the company I was with, is that all they care about is money. They pack as many clients as they can into a trainer’s schedule and really don’t give their staff the education or the time to give their client’s the best experience in an already difficult journey. I was overworked, underpaid, and losing my fire for what I love to do, train clients and help them live their best lives. I already didn’t like this system, but after my most recent certification, I was done giving my client’s the bare minimum. In the month after obtaining my most certification, I have done more to move my own business forward than I have in five years. Not only that, I did it. I took the leap.

It’s terrifying. There’s no safety net below me like there was before. There’s no one giving me clients if I lose one. That’s scary. But, with the time I have to devote to my clients now, there’s no reason to leave me. I transform people’s lives by fixing their imbalances, making them stronger, taking away their pain, and getting them closer to their goals. The point I’m trying to make is have confidence in yourself. Whatever your dreams are, they are in reach. You can do it, I promise. First things first, you need a plan. Every time I’m about to do something, I always have my mom in the back of my head telling me to always have a plan. Once you have a goal and have a plan, you’re unstoppable. I’m not preaching that everyone quit their jobs and go after something you think is out of reach, but what I’m saying is do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Now, I’ve taken the leap. I’m in uncharted territory with no map. I’m terrified. However, I’m following my passion. I’m able to take on the fitness industry in my own way, the way that’s best for both me and my clients. I’m finally doing the one thing I’ve wanted to do ever since I decided to major in Exercise Science eight years ago. I’ve worked my butt off so far to get to this place, and you bet I’m going to keep busting it to get to where I ultimately want to be. The fun part about taking the leap is that you have a new goal now, a new plan, and new leap to take in due time.

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