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Ready, Set, Refocus

Guys, I love this quote. Motivation isn’t a one stop shop. It’s something that comes and goes, and something you always need to make sure you’re working on. This is a lesson I’ve learned over and over, but was reminded of in the last week. Today’s post is my somewhat ranting account of regaining your motivation and refocusing.

Last week was a bad week for me and fitness. I moved, and with the boxes everywhere, we weren’t able to clean very well. For most people, that’s no big deal right? However, when you’re allergic to cats and live with two of them, cleaning constantly is vital. Because of all of this, my sinuses rebelled. I wasn’t able to get a full night of sleep or go more than two minutes without my eyes watering and my nose sniffling, much less get to the gym. Also, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, exclusively behind my eyes, so exercising was the last thing on my mind anyways. Between that, and moving (meaning I didn’t want to hit the store for food and have to move it, so I ate a lot of premade shenanigans), last week did not help me towards my goals. By the time I hit yesterday, I was physically feeling better (yay being able to breathe again) but I was also still not feeling good, but in a whole new way. I felt slow, I felt sluggish, I felt soft, and I didn’t feel like myself. So what do you do in this situation?

You have two options. You can either let it continue or you can stop and refocus.

I chose the latter. And what better time to refocus than Sunday? You can get your shenanigans together and feel like you’re starting fresh on Monday, just in time to start the week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s easy, whether you’re changing your mindset and lifestyle for the first time or you’ve only been off your game for a few days. The best tip I can give you (one I’ve already given in my motivation post) is to find your WHY. Your why is the reasoning behind it all. Your why is bigger than your goals, it’s the driving force behind them, it’s your motivation. If you’ve already found your why, remind yourself of it. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself of it daily. Sometimes it’s your why that gets you through the tasks you don’t want to do. Sometimes you let it fall to the wayside and forget about it. I journaled last night and rewrote out my goals. I wrote out my ultimate goals (I’m talking months to years from now) but I also included my goals for the week. Eating sugar and not working out wouldn’t get me to any of my goals, it would actually bring me backwards mentally and physically. Once I was staring at those words on a piece of paper, there was no ignoring it. I couldn’t procrastinate, and I didn’t even want to. I was reinspired by my own goals and I was ready to tackle them, one week at a time, starting with this one. Any time you find yourself straying from your routine and what makes you feel good, remind yourself of your why. Most times, seeing that goal and remembering the emotional response it gives you will reignite the fire you have to continue forward.

Take a few minutes today to write out your goals. You don’t even need to write out your overall goals, just write out your goals for the week. Once you have those goals written out, start to plan. Plan what you will do each day to get yourself one step closer to that goal. Getting prepared will not only lessen your stress about the upcoming week, but also will help with your motivation. The big picture won’t seem so big once you start to dole it out a day at a time. Personally, I went to the gym today (even though I didn’t want to but I did a quick workout to keep my routine) and went to the grocery store to stock my house with healthy food for the week. I have a few things to prep for some lunches this week, but other than that, I’m ready, I’m motivated, and I’m excited to tackle the days ahead!

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