Going for PRs, Not Broke

Now that you’re armed with budget friendly gym options and alternatives and how to get your nutrition on point for next to nothing, we get to talk about the fun stuff. This post is all about looking (fitness) ballin on a budget. Many times you see a girl, or guy, in some cute workout gear and some awesome looking shoes, and you’ll ask where their clothes are from and you get the dreaded “Lululemon” or “Athleta” or even “Nike.” I love Nike probably more than the next gal, but my bank account does not. Since I only wear workout clothes, and the occasional jeans or jean shorts if I’m feeling fancy, I’ve gathered an arsenal of cute workout clothes you can get for less than a single pair of Lululemon pants (like come on, are they really worth the $100+ for one pair??)


I’m a big Amazon lover. There’s nothing better than browsing the app for tons of things you don’t even need, and it gets delivered so quick, sometimes even same day! Usually I tend to stay away from buying clothes online because I never know how it’s going to fit or if it’ll even look like what I ordered. However, I bit the bullet and ordered some leggings from Amazon, all pairs being $17! Not only are these leggings budget friendly, but they are squat proof (no see through butts here!) and hold up to being worn several days a week and washed constantly. The two brands I have ordered from Amazon, and loved, are Oalka and 90 degrees by Reflex. The 90 degree ones you can also find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but they tend to be a few dollars more, still around $20. As well, name brand shoes, such as Nikes, can be on sale depending on the shoe color and size, so keep an eye out for great deals on shoes!

Speaking of, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are amazing places to pick up activewear. They have big name brands (I’m talking Reebok, Calvin Klein, and sometimes Nike) at super prices! Usually the tops range between $10 and $20 and the leggings are between $15 and $30-40, depending on the brand. As well, these stores tend to have really great deals on sneakers, but can be hit or miss depending on your size. These stores are a really great alternative to online shopping, as you can actually try on the clothes in store, or if you’re really into those brand name shenanigans on a budget!

The last amazing store I’ve encountered for workout clothes on a budget is… TARGET! I know, like you really needed another reason to go spend all of your money at Target. But, if you’re going to be in there, browsing for stuff you probably don’t need, you might as well look at the activewear to help motivate you to hit your goals. I recently went on a shopping spree to target and was pleasantly surprised with the selection. The leggings ranged from crazy prints and colors to just black but with cute cut outs and other details. The leggings were hit or miss depending on the material, but the ones I love, I really love. They are comfortable and cute, only costing me about $20-$25 per pair. The sports bras were also an awesome surprise, being cute and very comfortable, while also being sufficiently supportive. They also have a plethora of support options, from minimal to maximum, depending on your body and activity needs. The sports bras ranged from $15-$20 and are incredibly worth it, in my opinion. Last, but not least, the workout tops. I’m usually someone who works out in an old tank top or t-shirt, but these shirts were too cute to pass up. They are perfectly loose and flowy, while still staying relatively close to the body (so no indecent exposure here!), and come in so many different colors and cuts. I highly recommend browsing Target for your workout wear needs.


Another thing I really don’t recommend skimping on. Yes, you can technically get through a workout wearing any old shoes, but your shoes matter. Sneakers wear out over time, especially if you wear sneakers daily or are an avid runner. Once your shoes wear out, they can actually throw off your movement, putting your joints and body in a position that can set you up for injury. I recommend heading to a running store to get fitted for shoes that work for you personally. Some people have higher arches, some need more ankle support, some need more stability for heavy lifts, the main point is that everyone’s feet needs are different. I personally don’t skimp on sneakers, but a great place to get quality sneakers at a low price is an outlet mall! Nike and Under Armor outlets have great quality sneakers at bargain prices, for sometime no reason other than the color. Besides splurging on high quality sneakers for your body, be sure to have a few different pairs in rotation so they don’t wear out as quickly.


I know you’re probably wondering what accessories I’m talking about, but bear with me. So, by accessories, I am referring to the miscellaneous shenanigans that tend to help you out along your fitness journey, but aren’t clothes, shoes, or equipment.

Recovery Accessories

I’m talking about your foam rollers and your massaging sticks and all. These recovery tools are incredibly useful for keeping your body loose and knot free, helping with quicker recovery. Pro Tip: hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls! Right near the activewear section, there tends to be a little display that has a whole bunch of fitness accessories, including massage sticks and foam rollers! I always recommend to clients that they check out these stores for a relatively cheap foam roller. As well, check out Amazon for foam rollers and recovery accessories.


TJ Maxx and Marshalls are your best friend, if we’re being honest. That same end cap that has a plethora of foam rollers also has a bunch of other fitness accessories on it. Obviously each display is different, but most have water bottles, shaker bottles, and weight lifting gloves on them. This is a great way to get shaker bottles (which can be $15-$20 in nutrition stores) for around $5! Check out these stores for great deals on all of those accessories that you might not think are important, and don’t want to spend a great deal of money on, so you can be all set for your workouts!


I recommend splurging on socks. Honestly, I’m not going to tell you that budget socks won’t get the job done, but now that I’ve made the switch to special runner’s socks, I don’t think I can go back. Even when I’m not running, these socks are more comfortable than the basics. These socks have special arch supporting contours, and also tend to come with extra cushion in them to help support you while you run. I buy mine at Fit 2 Run, but they are called feetures, and worth every penny.

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